Catching a Fish at Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market

Mariners Jarred Kelenic on 12-20-18, catching a fish throw at the Famous Seattle Pike Fish Market

Jarred Stopped at the Famous Pike Fish Market in Seattle to Catch a Fish

on 12-20-18, Jarred took some time to visit the Seattle Children's Hospital, and the Seattle Boys and Girls Club, to give away some amazing Under Armor gear.  I (Rob Satrom of FeedbackWRENCH and Foreword, had the tremendous opportunity to tag along and film Jarred.

This was a special trip because Jarred had only spent enough time in Seattle to perform a workout prior to the draft, so this was an opportunity to pump the breaks a little bit and give back.  In this video, Jarred had the opportunity to stop in and quickly get a photo opp at the famous Seattle Pike Fish Market, which is something that even us Minnesota and Wisconsin people know about.

The trip was amazing, and we'll be sharing more footage and photos soon!

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